Screen printing doesn’t work the same as a digital printer that prints your photos and documents. Each color in the design needs to be separated from the others. The individual colors gets ‘burned’ onto a separate screens. You can think of them as stencils. The more stencils (or colors) needed for the design the more it will cost. Screens are also separated by print location. We can print almost anywhere on any garment. For example, if you have a design on the front and on the back of a tee(and they are not the same design) even though they might have the same colors they will require two sets of screens. That’s why we charge per color and per location. 

The setup process requires more than just screens. Once you place your design request one of our artists gets to work creating it for you. Next, he has to make the color separations (like we talked about above). Each of the separate colors gets made into a positive film. Those films are used to make the screens. (you can get to know the whole process better here). The screens, artwork prep, and films are all factored into the set up cost. The best part is if you are placing an order with the same design as a previous order (no changes at all) many of the steps don’t need to be taken. The art work will already be set up and we’ll have the positives on file. That means a lower cost! 

Other things to consider:
Sometimes time there are other factors that affect the amount of screens need to print an order. 

Bleeding and dye migration.

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