Maybe you've been experienced it.

All of your athletes want new merch and you know that having them all walking around with your logo is a great way to boost your brand. The last time you ordered it was a cluster #$%@.

Ok, maybe it wasn't that bad, but it was a pain.

You thought it would be a good idea to collect order forms. That way, everyone can order their own style, color, and size. You could collect payments and place the order.

Only, it wasn't so easy. It took forever to get everyone's order. Collecting the payments was another thing. "I'll have the money tomorrow," they said. 

After you did wrangle all of the orders and got as many payments as you could muster up you placed the order. There was the inevitable procrastinator that wanted to place a late order, mucking up the whole process.

You might have ordered some extra just in case the late payments did come through. But they didn't. Now you're stuck with a bunch of awkward sizes and weird colors that no one else wants.

Or maybe you took the other route. You just wanted sell merch so you picked the styles and colors yourself and thought, yea, they'll like this. You estimated sizes and quantities and placed your order.

Some people made purchases of your new merch. Maybe not as many as you hoped... and now you have a ton of extra stock sitting in a box somewhere.

The seasons changed. No one wants hoodies anymore. They want tanks and tees. You need to place another order. 

The cycle repeats.

If you've experienced anything like this we have a solution. We have something to ease the pain of ordering apparel.

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