Every business owner understands how important branding is but spreading your brand can be an expensive and daunting task. 😫💰

We’re not advertising experts, (well, I might be because it’s my job) but we do know about one thing, branded apparel.

What’s the big deal about branded apparel? “Well - everybody likes gym swag!” That’s a quote from Byron Dyce II. He owns BluPrint Fitness in Chicago. Not only does everyone like gym swag, “Athletes become walking advertisements and feel even more a part of the community.🚶‍♂️” (that’s Byron again).

What’s better than that? Your members get some sweet gym swag, they become walking talking billboards, and you get some extra cash with little effort. That’s a win/win/win for everybody. 💪

✋ Hold on, back up a second, last time I ordered apparel it was “More of a "one-off" ordering system that only allowed us to order one style at a time.” Perhaps you had a similar experience to Byron there.

Maybe last time you ordered tees for the gym you had to ask everyone for their size and wrangle payments (time you could have spent doing something more important). Or maybe you bought a bunch of stuff in different sizes hoping that you’d be able to sell it all but ended up tying up cash in unsold merch. 🤭

It doesn’t have to be like that anymore. We have the internet and technology! 💻

That’s why we started offering online stores.

It was a three-step process.

  1. You choose the garments you want to offer and we create a design or use your logo.

  2. The online store opens and your athletes order their stuff and pay online. Access is granted by a secret code given to whoever you want.

  3. After a few weeks the store closes, we print the apparel and send it to you. We also cut a check made out to you with the extra $$$ made from the store. The upcharge is set by you.

Once the store is up and running, the ordering process is easy and "hands-off" for us gym owners.” (Coach Dyce again)

Maybe it sounds too simple. Too good to be true? It wasn't. Here’s what Byron had to say about the difficulties of the operation.

...it would be nice to have something together without having to sift through the thousands of combinations in the catalogs.

 Possibly putting together "store suggestions" where gym owners could pick from a baseline store and customize from there.

Example: have an option with 1 male shirt, 1 female shirt, 1 male bottom, 1 female bottom, and 2 accessories. From this, we'd be able to provide the logo and see the store from the get go with our branding.

Well, we thought Byron had a great idea and that his difficulties were probably similar to yours. (we don’t particularly enjoy going through those massive catalogs either by the way)

So, we created Bzaar.

What makes Bzaar different?

  1. No more sifting through all of those catalogs. 🙅‍♀️ We handpicked apparel options to fit the crossfit niche. Choosing the ones you like is super easy.

  2. More focus on the design printed on the shirt. ✏️ We believe that people hold onto their old tees because of the memories they hold. That means…

  3. One-on-one time with a designer. We want to go deep into the culture of your business, distill what we learn, and create a design that exemplifies what you're all about.

  4. Simplified pricing structure with FREE baseline options.

  5. Cool new logo.