Soldiers in the military get medals, martial artists get belts, scouts get badges, what do you give your athletes for their accomplishments?

Your athletes deserve rewards for their achievements.

It's a well-known fact that people work harder when they have an opportunity to get recognition for their accomplishments. This is a widely used tactic in video games. I have not played a game in quite a while that did not have "achievements" built in. There is always a reward for playing more. New skills, items, or equipment are the typical rewards for putting in more time (probably time better spent doing other more productive things, like CrossFit).

For some of your athletes, the gains are enough. For others, their name on the leaderboard might be all they need to keep training hard. But progress isn't easy for everyone and there are only so many spots for A+ athletes in any given gym.

Giving your athletes some recognition might be the boost in confidence they need to work a little harder or stay in the gym for an extra month, or six, or maybe a year if that's how long it takes to get the most coveted reward you offer.

We believe apparel carries memories. Isn't that why we hold on to those old tees? 

That's why apparel is the perfect way to reward athletes with something to cherish. 


The apparel you give out should not be able to be bought. It should only be a reward for working hard. Think about using premium brands like Under Armour or Nike. This will make it more valuable to the recipients. You can vary the value of the rewards based on the difficulty of the achievements.


This can be any number of things. Try to match the reward with the difficulty of the task.

  • Rookie of the year/month
  • Best time
  • Most improved
  • Most consecutive days in the gym
  • Most Reps
  • Stinkiest shoes
  • Most weight lost/gained


This should be more than just handing over a tee. It should be an event. (birds probably aren't necessary)

Getting everyone together to recognize each other's accomplishments is a great way to build camaraderie and confidence. Everyone likes a little recognition from time to time. 

The more special the reward, the more people will want them, and in turn, the more time they will spend in your gym.

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