Maybe some customers don't have a hard deadlines but that’s rare. The customer wants their order completed yesterday. There are a lot of steps in getting your apparel decorated. In order to go into production you’ll need the artwork. How long does it take to have your design request fulfilled? What about revisions? This could be a huge hassle. If it’s not completed in a timely manner deadlines will come and go. This means you’ll have an over due order and that’s never good. Make sure your decorator has a dedicated design team so you’ll know your orders will get completed when you need them.



Proofs are important in this industry. They allow you and your customer to know exactly what you’re getting. Logo placement, sizing, garment styles, and color combos should be presented properly to ensure everything is up to snuff. Are you getting a complete look at your products before they go into production? If not, you may not be getting what you need.


How do you know that once your order goes into production it will be printed to your specs? The proof, of course! There are standard sizes for each placement of a design on the garment. This doesn’t mean each design is going to fit into one of those standard dimensions. If your client is going for a certain look they will want the print to be just the right size. Make sure the proofs your getting clearly show the dimensions to make
certain there will be no surprises. 


We’re sure you’re very busy with all of your customers. Constantly trying to keep track of their orders, answer emails, and manage your own business. No matter how vigilant we are some things slip through the cracks. Like an extra fee!? The margins are slim enough already, there is no need to cut into them even more. Is your decorator letting you know if an extra under-base is needed or a color change requires a new screen BEFORE it goes into production? This is very important to consider. Especially when creating quotes for your customers.


It’s no fun to have to chase down clients to get the info you need to complete the order. It’s even less fun when the tables turn and the client is looking to you for answers but you can’t get a hold of your decorator. All you need to complete the order is one last adjustment but the artist you’re working with is nowhere to be found. It rarely gets more stressful than this. Always make sure with any decorator that they are committed to dependable communication. Especially in a crunch, when you need them most.