Of course we want to make make sure that you get the design you love. We’ll do everything we can to make it happen. Here are some guidelines to make sure everything goes swimmingly.



We send you proofs of all of our designs before they go into production. Take the time to look these over carefully. It’s what your design is going to look like. Pay careful attention to wording, typos, and color combinations. If there is an issue with the design, let us know. If not, we’ll print it as is. Remember that different displays depict colors in slightly different ways. We have a set of stock colors here.


We can not recreate or print copyrighted materials such as logos, sportswear, characters, etc. Some images found on the internet (e.g. google image searches) are copyright protected. Google finds images from all over the internet, just because we have access to it, doesn’t mean we can use it. Unless we have permission from the copyright holder, we will be unable to use these materials. But don’t worry, our creative team of artist will be able to make something you’ll love (and won’t need a lawyer to use).


We understand not everybody has access to professional design software. We accept designs in pretty much any file format. There are somethings to be aware of when submitting your designs and ideas.


  • Low resolution images

    • These are very difficult to recreate. Because much of the detail is not there it takes more time and effort to get it print ready. Take a look at our Vector vs. Raster article to learn more.

    • The image may seem fine on a mobile device or even on a desktop or laptop. But when it gets resized, it will get pixelated. Pixelated images are impossible to use for printing, embroidery, or heat press.

  • Color

    • To ensure that our printing is consistent, we work with a set of stock ink colors. We try to keep a wide range of colors and tones, but sometimes we are unable to match a particular color exactly. You can take a look at the colors we have available here. Also keep in mind that some displays depict colors slightly different, especially when it comes to proofs. The colors in the proofs may not match the end product (but it will be very close).

  • Fonts, Text, and Typos

    • If you know the name of the font that you want to use or that is used in the design idea PLEASE LET US KNOW. There are so many many fonts out there, sifting through them takes quite a bit of time. We’d like to fulfill your design request as quickly and efficiently as possible. Help us help you.

    • If you have a design that you would like to use as inspiration and it uses a unique type of font we might not be able to find that exact font style (unless you know the name of the font), but we will do our best to find something close. If you feel that you want to choose your own font, check out Dafont.com

    • When submitting a design, always send the text exactly how you would like it be worded/displayed in the design.

    • Typos are not uncommon especially in names. We’ll do our best to correct any that we spot. If we have any questions about something we always ask you before we send the design to production. We won’t be able to tell if names for your team are spelled correctly or not. Always double and triple check. Once it goes to print there’s no turning back.

  • .ai, .pdf, .psd, .cdr, .eps files types

    • Vector file types are ideal for printing, embroidery, and heat press because they are easy to manipulate and easily scalable. We really like when designs are submitted in this way. We can send these to production with much less preparation.

    • Saving a file with one of these file extensions doesn’t make it a vector file. If you’re unsure, we can take a look at it for you. Don’t worry though, we can work with almost any file type.