In this tutorial we're going to show you how to create a two color design using multiple elements. 


A. Once the Design Builder loads you will see a page with three options. We are going to choose the first one, Blank Canvas. This will load the design window. We're going to use the default garment for this design. If you want to choose a different garment you'll see in the menu to the left there is a products button. Clicking that will take you to our catalogue of garments.

B. On the left side menu we are going to click Artwork and then Clip Art. This is where we can find all of the different elements to create a custom design.


A. Clicking on Clip Art will open a menu where we can view all of the different categories of clip art elements. You can choose anything from business to holidays to tattoos. There is enough to satisfy any type of sport or event. If you want to upload your own logo or design you can check out this tutorial

We're going to choose the Patriotic category and find an image of sweet Lady Liberty. When we click on the thumbnail it will be placed in our design window.

B. We're going to adjust the size a little by clicking and dragging the blue circles and then move it around by clicking and dragging within the blue square.

C. We want to get a closer look so it'll be easier to see what we're doing. At the top of the window we click the Zoom button. It gets rid of the garment preview and allows us to get a better look at the design we're working on.


We want to make sure that our first element is centered and change the colors.

A. We are going to click the wrench on the right side of the element. At the bottom of the menu is Snap to Center. This will put the element in the center of the design area.

B. Now we have the element where we want it. We're going to change the colors. With the element selected you'll see the colors in use at the top right corner. We can change each of the colors individually to whatever color we'd like. We are going to change the black to navy and the white to kiwi.


Let's add some more stuff to this design. We're going to add a line of stars behind Liberty.

A. We need to go back to the Clip Art menu to try to find a line of stars to use. 

B. Unfortunately, when we search for stars we don't see what we're looking for. We adjust our key word to star. (We'll have to use a single star to make a line of stars.)


A. We're going to adjust the size of the star. Next we make some copies using the Duplicate button at the top of the window.

B. After creating enough copies we just click and drag them to where we think they look best.


We have the stars where we want them...almost. Some of them are covering Liberty's arm and tiara. We need to fix that.

A. We click the Layers button in the top tools menu. This is going to show us all of the elements we're using. As you can see Liberty is all the way at the bottom. Next to the element thumbnail there are up and down arrows. These change the position of the element. We're going to find Liberty and use the up arrow to bring all the way to the top, above the stars.

B. One of our stars disappeared during the process so we select one, duplicate it, and put it in it's place.


One more thing to do and we'll be finished with the stars. We need to change the color just like we did with Liberty.

A. We're going to to select each of the stars and change the color to navy.


This design is still looking a little drab. We need to add some more clip art. Lets go back to the clip art menu and see if we can find a banner and add some text to it.

A. We like one of the banners so we select it and it gets added to the design.

B. We resize it and position it where we want it to be.

C. We click on the wrench again so we can center the banner like we did with Liberty.

D. We're going to change the black outline of the banner to navy to match the rest of the design. We're going to leave the fill color white. This will actually be the color of the shirt but we don't want to see the elements behind the banner.


Things are coming along nicely. Now for the text.

A. On the left side menu we're going to click Add Text. The text edit menu will appear on the right side. We want it to read "America" so we type that into the top text box.

B. We want to change the font so we click the Font drop down. We select the Classic font category. We like Classic 14 so we choose that.

C. We want our text to fit into the banner. In order to make that happen we go down to text shape and find the shape that matches that of the banner. Then we grab and drag the blue circle so we can scale the text down. We want it to fit snug in the blank area of the banner.

D. The last step is to change the color of the text to navy just like we did with Liberty and the stars.


Only a few more things to add to finish the design up. We want to add something to background to fill the space a little bit. Some fireworks will do the job.

A. We go to our treasure trove of clip art and search for some fireworks. There are a few versions but we are going to go with the single color one.

B. Scale it up a little bit and move it into position. We're going to duplicate this element so we have fireworks on both sides of Miss Liberty. 

C. Move it to other side so that we have some balance in the design.

D. We don't want it to be exactly the same as the other side. We want to mirror it. To do that we need to click on the wrench next to the copy we made and choose Flip Horizontal.


We dont want the fireworks on top of the rest of the design. We want them in the background. 

A. We're going to go back to the layers menu, find our fireworks elements, and move them to the bottom using the down arrow next to the thumbnail.

B. Okay, last thing to do with these fireworks is to change the color. Let make them kiwi.


One more thing to add to this design before we can call in complete. We're going to add and outline of the States.

A. One more time, back to the clip art menu. When we look for "map" we don't find what we're looking for. Sad.

B. We try the keyword "states". This time we find nothing at all. Sometimes we need to use the right words to find what we're looking for.

C.  When we try USA we get plenty of hits. Including exactly what we're looking for! So we choose it to place it in our design. Then we resize it.

D. We have quite a few elements in this design now. Moving this to the back using those arrows is too much work. We can click the wrench and use send to back  and then we use send under objects.

E. We only want the outline of the States so we need to change the colors. We change the white outline to navy, the royal out line to transparent, and the red fill color to transparent.


We're happy with how this design looks. Let's see the preview on the garment. 

A. Back to the top tool bar we click on Zoom. 

B. It looks pretty good but we want to adjust the size and position a little bit. To move everything all together we click Select All in the top tool bar. Now we can resize and move everything in unison.


Good job! The last thing to do now is share it with your friends and place your order. Clicking check out will bring you to the shopping cart where you can choose sizes and finish placing the order.