Designing a shirt using our professional templates is super easy. You'll be making masterpieces in no time!


When you first open our Design Builder you'll this main menu with three options.

A. The first option is for those who want to start from scratch and don't need no help because they're a grown independent person.

B. The second option is for those who do need a little help getting started. This is the option to choose for this tutorial.

C. If you've already started a design this is where you go to finish it up or make adjustments.


After clicking Design Templates you'll be brought to this menu where you can browse all of he amazing professional design templates we have. There is a template for just about any sport, event, or business. 

template choose.jpg

A. On the left side of the window is the list of categories for our design templates. If you're looking for something specific you can use the search bar at the top.

B. On the right side you will see previews of the templates. The blue images will let you view sub categories.


Once you select your template it will placed on a preview of your garment. This is where you can fine-tune things to make it exactly how you want.

A. At the top of the window you will see the main tool bar.

B. This is the layers panel. This shows the elements within the design. Each one can be edited independently.

C. These are the colors in your design. The amount of colors in the design affects the total cost. Changing the colors here will change all of elements of the color you select.

A.Thumbnail of the layer.

B. These arrows allow you to move the layer above or below the other layers. In this example we moved the stars UP which placed them above the figures.

C. This "X" will delete the layer.


Zoom removes the garment preview to give you a closer look at your design.

Select all will grab all of the layers so you can move them all together.

Duplicate clones the element so you have another to keep the first company.

Layers shows you the layers panel so you can get adjust each element separately.

Undo is just in case you made a move you don't like.

Redo is for when you thought you made a mistake but realized that is wasn't and want to undo the undo.


Clicking on any of the layers will allow you to edit it. You can click on it within the preview or in the layers panel.

A. This "X" will delete the element. 

B. The blue circles will allow you to resize the element.

C. Clicking and dragging within the blue box is how you move the element.

D. Click and drag the blue circle above the box to rotate the element.

E. The wrench button will provide more option for editing the layer. 

Clicking on the colors will bring you to this menu. This is where you can choose the colors for your design.

A. These are are the colors already in use.

B.  The white square with the red line is transparent. Any object with this color will be invisible.

C. All of the stock colors swatches that we carry here at A&R Screening.

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