In just a few steps you can have your logo or design set up on your choice of garment.

We recommend using the Design Builder on a laptop or desktop computer. It may not display correctly on mobile devices.


The first thing you'll see when you navigate to our Design Builder is this menu with three options.

A. This is the option to select if you'd like to upload your own logo. It will take you to a blank shirt where you can create anything you want from scratch. 

B. If you dont have a design in mind and you want a little help getting started this is the place to start. There are Design Templates for almost every sport or event.

C. If you've already started a design and want to finish it or make changes this is the where to make that happen. You'll just need your login info to access it.


A. To choose where you want to place your design, click on select print location. Some garments are limited in where a design can be placed.


B. Clicking Upload Image will open a dialogue box where you can choose the file you would like to use for your design.

C. On the right side of the screen you can choose where you would like your print to be. The pink squares show the print area size for each location.


A. The box that appears will have an option to upload from computer or mobile. The most common image files are accepted. When you click the button you will be able to find the file on your computer or device and upload it.


Once uploaded the Design Builder will ask a few question about your design. This is the last step before it will be placed on the garment.

A. Remove white? If your image does not have a transparent background we recommend using remove white background. If you do not want any white in your design use remove all white. Why remove white?

B. The number of colors in the design affects the cost. To minimize cost you can get rid of unnecessary colors. The design builder will automatically combine colors if you chose less than what is in the original design. If an area of the design isn't the color you want you can change it later.

C. Once you're satisfied with the settings clicking continue will bring you back to the designer where you make make adjustments to the size and placement of your logo.You will also be able to see what it will look like on your selected garment.


Now that your design is uploaded, you can make adjustments to make your apparel exactly how you want. 

You can choose an element of the design by clicking on it. The blue box shows which element is selected.


A. Click and drag the blue circles to resize the element.

B. Clicking and dragging in the middle of the blue square will allow you to move the design within the print area. (The area outlined by a pink square)

C. If you're happy with with your design you can move on to the next step. If you want to 


Now that your design is all set you can save and share it so you can show all of your friends the majestic piece of art you've created. 

A. Give your masterpiece a title.

B. If theres something you'd like us to know about your design you can put some notes here. (specific size, color changes, etc.)

C. If you're sending it to someone you can write them a little note. Ask them what they think of your artwork.


Now that we have the design saved and good to go you can send it to your friends or to yourself for safe keeping. 

A. Add the emails of the people you'd like to share with. Separate each address by comma. Send it to as many people as you'd like. The more they merrier.

B. If you want to get some like or let people know what you've been up to, you can share it on social media.

C. The last thing to do is click the green button and whoosh, it blasts off into cyberspace.