The best way to order custom apparel for any size group is with our Custom Online Stores. They are easy to set up (we do all of the work), they'll save time, and you'll experience much less headache. "How do I get an online store?" you might ask. Well, here's how.


To start, send us a request for an online store or custom catalog (you can fill out this form to do so). Let us know what kind of organization you're ordering for. It also helps if you give us some information about the types of styles you prefer. If you're unsure, that's fine too. Our apparel specialists will create a catalog (see this sample) based on the data you've provided as well as current trends and the particular season during which you will be ordering. We'll give you choices for great, awesome, and outstanding options. See more about that in our Buying Guide. There will be styles to fit any budget. You won't need to worry about sizes or quantities just yet. We'll take care of that in a bit.

Now that everyone has looked at the catalog and picked out their favorite styles we can set up your Custom Online Store. Each store will have a special code that allows you and your organization to access it. Something like ARSCREEN14. You can click here to try out our code and see what your store could look like.

Using your custom code your team or group can visit the online store to see their options and place their orders. HOORAY! Everyone can order and pay separately. What a relief, right? No more chasing down late payments. No more disappearing order forms. No more accountability when collecting cash.

We can adjust the prices of the products to whatever you'd like. You can sell them at cost or charge a little more to raise money for your fundraiser. Your store will have an open and close date to ensure all of the orders get placed in a timely manner (but you know the stragglers will still manage to straggle).

We take all of the orders and print them (see the process) and/or embroider them (see the process). Finally, we organize everything by each individual's order and send it all to you. Or you can pick it up in store, it's up to you.  VOILA! You and your pals have some dandy new custom apparel. Wasn't that easy?!