Extreme Dziubek Fitness

Extreme Dziubek Fitness

These Facebook Reviews speak for themselves.

Mike C. - You know its good when 5 minutes into your 90 minute training youre praying for the class to end. Gregory concocts a workout routine where no class is identically the same as the others before. If you are serious about old school training, look no further.

Robert N. - Come here to get your a** kicked! � very satisfied!

Hurrem D. - I LOVE that place ❤️❤️❤️... Great workout and great time as well 😍

Anna N. - Great place, great trainings, great coach! It's not a gym, it's a family!!!!

Kasia G. - Best gym and trainer !!!

Olcia H. - Great trainer !!!! Makes you feel superb after every single work out !!!